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Practice Areas

Zisholtz & Zisholtz is proud to represent clients ranging from individuals to large businesses in a vast array of practice areas. We pride ourselves on affording each client with personal attention, efficiency, expertise and congeniality. 

Construction Law

We routinely represent clients in the negotiation and drafting of construction contracts. Without such representation, you run the risk of signing a contract that you may have misunderstood or which contains onerous (and potentially devastating) provisions. Once the contract is signed, there is little that can be done, so it is critical to have each agreement reviewed by legal counsel prior to signing. The sooner you come to us with each agreement, the better.


Contracts are created for times of dispute. A well-drafted contract anticipates such disputes and works to protect you. The time and money spent "up front" in addressing potential areas of disagreement or dispute is usually much less than that spent "post-contract" in litigation and legal battles.


Additionally, our attorneys will assist you in filing and resolving any non-payment dispute that may arise during a construction project. We are here to protect your business interests.



Commercial Litigation


We have an extremely diverse and broad-based litigation practice. Our attorneys represent local, regional, national, and international clients on a wide range of issues, including business litigation, intellectual property litigation, construction, banking, defamation, employment discrimination. We provide an aggressive team of attorneys experienced in all phases of litigation. We handle cases from the inception through discovery, trial and appeal. Our litigation practice includes actions in federal and state courts, the appellate levels of each of those courts, and arbitration tribunals. We pride ourselves on our ability to promptly and efficiently respond to emergencies, including provisional remedies, such as injunctive relief, orders of attachment and the appointments of receivers. Our litigation practice is diversified. We prosecute and defend a broad range of matters, such as commercial and breach of contract cases, environmental matters, employment disputes, business disputes, real estate brokerage claims, securities fraud, insurance disputes and creditors’ and debtors’ rights, surety ship and negotiable instruments.

Real Estate

Our real estate attorneys have the experience, knowledge and ability to react quickly and handle your real estate needs efficiently and effectively. We attend to the details-seeing the forest without getting lost in the trees. From the simplest of local projects to the most complex multi-jurisdictional transactions, we have the experience to visualize, understand and help you realize your goals.


We routinely find ways to help create value for our clients. We take a practical, “get-it-done” approach because we realize that your real estate assets cannot generate income if they are sitting idle. We focus early on what needs to be done to avoid complications or delays. Whether your needs involve the purchase or sale of property, borrowing or lending of money, or development, leasing or management of property, we have the resources to jump in and help you structure your project, negotiate your deal and close the transaction.


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